Bio-Med OEM Service

1. GMP product sub-contracting

  Smartant is a GMP medical device manufacture, we are welcome to any GMP required sub-contracting manufacturing. It may involve the optimal medical device specification, packaging design and the customized ID design.

2. Customized Mechanical Design

  SmartAnt have well experienced packaging back ground engineer team. These product engineers can support customer the packaging and the tooling design to meet all the requirements.

3. Customized ID Design

  SmartAnt have decades of mechanical engineering experience to provide quick design cycle and avoid the confliction between designer and mechanical engineer to get the best results.

4. Application Consultant

  SmartAnt have well know-how on the medical device experience to provide customer the added value on their project.

5. TFDA certification apply

  SmartAnt provide the TFDA class I & class II certification test support. Please contact Smartant sales for further information.

6. The reliability certification test and analysis

  SmartAnt can help customer to verify the reliability problem by different test and analysis such as waterproof, temperature or pulling test, etc.

7. OEM Service

  SmartAnt provide the customer EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Services) one-stop-shopping service on electronics device assembly and testing. Customer could take lead on the added-value HW/SW design and marketing promotion, Smartant will follow up and suggest the customer to complete the ideal solution for the market demand.